Three  to run for County Offices

Kelsey Swindler to run for Wilmington City Council at Large

Joe Dennis to run for Wilmington City Director of Law

Cindy Sutton will run for re-election to Blanchester City Council


Ohio Leaders Appalled By Latest Republican Voter Suppression Effort

“This is textbook voter suppression from a bygone era,” said former Federal Sixth Circuit Judge Nathaniel Jones, also former general counsel of the NAACP. “A poll tax, tied to a criminal sanction, is the type of cynical obstacle to voting we fought to remove from the books decades ago. It’s a sad day when Ohio Republicans are now aiming such grotesque tactics directly at Ohio’s young voters.”

“We just commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, and now our state legislature is attempting to remove a basic American right—the right to vote,” said Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, former Senior Vice President of The Ohio State University. “I hope the legislature will withdraw this unwarranted proposal that smacks in the face of 50 years of progress and could silence hundreds of thousands of student voices.”

Congressman Tim Ryan weighed in on the troubling amendment, saying, “This is a blatant, political and outrageous attempt to suppress young people from voting in Ohio.  Instead of coming up with ideas or more tolerant policies to bring young voters to their side, the Republican legislature knee caps them. So much for them being the party of Lincoln. “

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper called on those Ohio officials who have a responsibility to ensure that Ohio comport with election law to speak out. “Ohio doesn’t need any more costly, losing lawsuits because Republican legislators don’t understand basic Constitutional law. As the elections and legal leaders of Ohio, Secretary of State Husted and Attorney General DeWine should immediately speak out against this blatant and illegal voter suppression.”

Welcome to the Clinton County Democratic Party website!

Welcome to the Clinton County Democratic Party Website.

Our Address:

P.O. Box 734

 Clinton County is located in southwestern Ohio and is represented by legislators in the 86th Ohio House of Representative District, the 17th Ohio Senate District and the 3rd Congressional District.

In 2005, the total number of registered voters in the county's 32 precincts is 24,746.  There are 1,890 Democrats, 6,545 Republicans and 16,311 Independents.

Clinton County Democratic Party Activities:

We hold monthly meetings, mail a monthly newsletter, host Spring and Fall and Christmas Dinners, have a fair booth, work at festivals, walk and ride in parades, hold an annual yard sale and host fund-raisers for Democratic Candidates.  We introduced "Kids Voting" to Clinton County, and we started the program "dems for Kids," in which we donate school supplies twice a year to all elementary schools in Clinton County.

The Clinton County Democratic Party supports and works for Democratic Candidates on the local, state and national level with one of the best GOTV plans in the state of Ohio.

As well as working hard to get democrats elected on both locally and statewide, the Clinton County Democratic Party also participates in numerous community activities

 Community Activities:



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